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Informal Learning Experience

Write a 900- to 1,150-word paper describing an informal learning experience someone could have.

•    You may describe, for example, how someone becomes afraid of heights, why a particular food or smell moves him or her emotionally, or why he or she dislikes elevators. The experience must be concrete and can be singular or an experience that occurs over a longer period.

Describe the experience by applying learning theories to the steps involved. Include the following:

•    Identify what you learned from the experience.

•    Describe how your learning could have occurred through classical conditioning. Identify the unconditioned stimulus, the unconditioned response, the conditioned stimulus, and the conditioned response.

•    Explain how your learning could have occurred through operant conditioning. Describe the behavior, consequence, and reinforcement. Indicate the schedule of reinforcement, if applicable.

•    Address how your learning could have occurred through cognitive-social learning.

•    Conclude by comparing and contrasting classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and cognitive-social learning.
Include at least two references from the University Library.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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the fear of heights, this is also

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